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Yoko Macahilas, MPT, RYT, is a licensed physical therapist with a Master's degree and 22 years of experience in healing. Yoko combines holistic manual physical therapy with CranioSacral Physical Therapy and SomatoEmotional Release, Visceral Manipulation, Shiatsu and more. She is also a certified Ananda Yoga Instructor. (916) 607-3586      RadianTouch

Brenda Gustin, Ph.D., CMT, RYT facilitates healing through a variety of modalities with an emphasis in CranioSacral Therapy and Myofascial Release integrated with Reiki, Yoga Therapy, Raindrop Treatment, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage and sound healing with crystal singing bowls and tuning forks. She educates people in ways to heal within to create health & well-being at work and home. Individuals, private organizations, corporate and government clients utilize her skills to provide tools for stress reduction and to promote healthy relationships. She is a certified Ananda Yoga Instructor, Meditation Teacher  and a Certified Trainer for the The Ritberger Personality Method™   The Ritberger Personality Method and the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) are tools Brenda provides clients to foster  independence for health and wellness. A Doctorate in Esoteric Philosophy and Hermetic Science is the basis that provides a map of consciousness for students and clients to navigate their journey of healing with joy and love.                                                                                                                                                               (916) 215-4590
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Kaye Lynn Peterson is the owner of Financial Fundamentals providing financial education and insurance services for families who recognize the importance of gaining control of their financial picture by saving and who want to grow wealth without the risk of the markets. She can provide information on financial aid for college undergrads. As a distribute of Kangen Water machines, she also furnishes information about the benefits of alkaline water for a healthy body as well as a variety of other uses.      (916) 362-2919        

Wesley J. Williams, LMT, is a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner specializing in modalities that promote deep relaxation and healing. With a focus in Hawaiian Lomi Lomi and Hot Stone Massage, which results in physical-psychological healing and rejuvenation to deep tissue and Thai Massage which focuses on more specific skeletal muscular issues. These techniques, combined with energy work, will help to bring your mind, body and soul into perfect harmony. 916-995-0213   
                                           Touch Be Known

Seamus Ann Malone is a Shamanic Practitioner with a concentration in Core Shamanic, Tibetan and Celtic traditions.Her goal is to guide those that are awakening on their healing journey; to facilitate the re-membering of their authentic self, of their true life’s purpose. In addition, to help heal the wounds that are creating limitations and blocks to their authentic self and the manifestation of their true life’s purpose. Seamus Ann is a member of the Sacramento Shamanic Center() and the Society of Shamanic Practitioners.              

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